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Full Body IPL Laser Hair Remover Handset

Full Body IPL Laser Hair Remover Handset

Regular price $169.00
Sale price $169.00 Regular price $199.00
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Full Body IPL Laser Hair Remover Handset

Regular price $169.00
Sale price $169.00 Regular price $199.00
SAVE 15% Sold out
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Easy to Use! Pain Free Application! Lasting Results!
Professional laser epilator, ideal for full body hair removal, including face, arms, underarms, bikini lines, legs, back, and chest.
The  IPL Laser Hair Remover Handset allows you to remove hair re-growth on any body part, including your face and Brazilian in just minutes like never before. All from the comfort of your home, in a fraction of the time and cost of in-clinic laser treatments!
This Hair Remover Handset uses an infrared monochromatic laser to heat the hair and the follicle, so hairs fall out on their own, without expensive trips to the spa. For best results, treat hair every 1 to 2 weeks for 2 months.

Effective: Clinically proven results, up to 82% less hair 1 month after 6 sessions. The process is painless, safe, and gently treats all zones of the body, whitening and caring for your skin.

 No more painful wax sessions and all those ingrown hairs from shaving. It is leading the market in pain-free laser hair removal. IPL laser hair removal will save you time, money, and a lot of pain and headaches.

Why spend thousands of dollars on laser hair removal appointments when you can do it yourself at home. Save the trip to the salon and reoccurring costs of regular waxing sessions!

Long Lifespan: 
990,000 flashes can give full body hair treatment for 20 people. No refills or replacement cartridges are necessary.
Material: ABS
Power: 36W
Epilator Type: Laser
Flash Count: 990,000 Times
Light Tube: Quartz Lamp
1 x IPL Hair Remover
1 x Safety Glasses for protecting eyes
1 x Power cable
1 x Operation Manual


  • Built-in high-capacity lithium battery, It lasts about 8 hours on a full charge.
  • Audio is input by picking up. The ferrofluid rhythm lamp operates in two modes: powered by a built-in lithium battery or via a charger. It all works.
  • Short press the power button (1 second) to power on, long press the power button (3 seconds) to power off.
  • When the ferrofluid is granular, absorb it manually using the included magnet attachment to agglomeration it.

What's inside the package?

  • 1x Ferrofluid Sound Visualizer
  • 1x Type-C Power Cable
  • 1x Strong Magnet


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Featured in

See Your Music Play

With the Ferrofluid Sound Visualizer, your favorite tunes take on a visual life of their own. It’s like a music video for every song you play, with no extra effort from you.

Bring Beats to Life

Ferrofluid Sound Visualizer turns up the cool in any room. Just play a song, and watch as the fluid shapes and moves with the rhythm—no speakers needed, just pure visual fun.

Set the Mood Without a Word

Need to spice up your space? The Ferrofluid Sound Visualizer adds that extra 'wow' to your parties, chill-out sessions, or work time with its mesmerizing display that moves with your music’s vibe.

Easy Entertainment

No complicated setup. No batteries to change. The Ferrofluid Sound Visualizer is all about plug-and-play ease. It’s fun right out of the box and keeps the magic going without a fuss.

Our Promise

Ferrofluid Sound Visualizer comes with our unwavering guarantee: if it doesn't captivate you with its stunning visuals or if you face any challenges during setup, you can be assured that we will resolve it. Ensuring your complete satisfaction and exceptional visual enjoyment is our highest priority.


RedDot Award Winner

Precise Sound Detection

Wide Frequency Range

10,000+ orders shipped


How does the Ferrofluid Sound Visualizer visualize music?

Ferrofluid Sound Visualizer uses ferrofluid — a magnetic solution that responds to electromagnetic fields. Our device creates these fields in sync with the music playing near it, causing the fluid to move and form patterns that correspond with the sound vibrations.

Can Ferrofluid Sound Visualizer work with any type of music?

Yes, the Ferrofluid Sound Visualizer is designed to respond to a wide range of frequencies, so whether you're into classical, rock, or electronic dance music, you'll see a unique visualization for each song.

Is the Ferrofluid Sound Visualizer a speaker?

No, the Ferrofluid Sound Visualizer is not a speaker. It's a visualizer that creates visual effects in response to music. You'll need an external sound source for audio.

Will the ferrofluid in the Ferrofluid Sound Visualizer ever dry out or need replacing?

The ferrofluid is sealed within the device and is designed to last for the lifetime of the product without drying out or needing replacement.

What's the best way to display my Ferrofluid Sound Visualizer?

Place your Ferrofluid Sound Visualizer on a level surface near your music system. Avoid direct sunlight and keep it away from magnetic storage devices like hard drives or credit cards.

Can I connect my phone or computer to the Ferrofluid Sound Visualizer to play music?

Ferrofluid Sound Visualizer doesn't directly connect to other devices as it is not a speaker. It visualizes the music played from an external source, so as long as your music is audible, the Ferrofluid will visualize it.